Friday, November 5, 2010

Who is your Role Model? Who Inspires You?

Who inspires YOU?

Just as writers tend to read a lot of books and cooks and cookery writers read and try a lot of recipes, any one who stands behind a cause or charitable organization was probably inspired by someone.

The person who inspires me, is Asia Janina Dyrkacz. She is the reason I am working with her on MAA Models Against Addiction, the non-for profit organization that she created and founded. And, she is the reason, I co-founded Super Role MODELS with her.

Asia was born and raised in Poland. She received certification from the Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC) for Image Consulting and Feng Shui Design. She has been featured on the Discovery Health Channel and was named one of 100 Women making a Difference by Today's Chicago Woman magazine.

She has been featured as a model in Marie Claire, Oprah Magazine and More Magazine!. She has appeared in runway shows for Hermes in Paris, and national Target commercials. In 2005, her son was diagnosed with a bipolar illness. After caring for him for 2 years, she decided to look for alternative treatments. She went to India looking for holistic options and at the same time experienced Vipassana--silent meditation and did her own self-healing. She recently visited the Yogi Bhajan Ashram in New Mexico and practiced Kundalini Yoga with meditation. Asia received a scholarship from ACNY (Alcoholism Council of of New York) and is currently studying for the CASAC Certificate Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor).

The website for MAA (Models Against Addictions) is

Looking forward to hearing about who inspires you...

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