Friday, November 5, 2010

Cindy Day Cohen--True Inspiration

Cindy Day Cohen inspires me.

The following excerpts were taken from CMH (Columbus Metro Hub) magazine, Nov/Dec 2009 by Jon Theiss.

Cindy Day Cohen grew up dreaming about becoming a supermodel, but she didn't know she'd realize that dream at the unlikely age of 39. After valuting over obstacles that would crush the spirits of most waif-like 20-something wannabe models, the recently crowned winner of the second season of TV Land's She's Got the Look (a reality competition for models over age 35), is still reeling about her sudden step into the limelight.

She grew up in Delaware, Ohio, became a single mother at age 20, and moved to Los Angeles 10 years later. Once in L.A. a bad relationship landed her flat broke in a homeless shelter for women and their children.

Determined to turn it all around, she worked to provide for herself and her son and slowly became acquainted with the business of real estate.

"A lot of people stay in the same position. People saw me go from my lowest point to my highest point, so I decided to write about it", she explains. The Life of your Dreams in 30 Days or Less! The Ordinary Person's Guide to Extraordinary Abundance is the fruit of this decision.

Life coach, published author, committed mother --with cover girl aspirations? "Why not?", she thought.

When her son left home to attend college, Day Cohen was 39 and resolved to make headway into the fashion industry. "I knew I was not the prime age for modeling--but I kept that dream within me."

In a twist of fate, she stumbled across the season finale of "She's Got the Look". Surprised to know there was a reality show competition for women over 35, she thought, "Why didn't anyone tell me about this? This was supposed to happen to me!"

"I never really thought about what would happen if I far as the money, I'll put it to good use," she says about her $100,000 winnings. "I want to donate a portion of it to some type of women's and children's organization, because I was in that position. I know what that life is like."

Despite bouts of bad luck and staggering life experiences. Day Cohen's ability to pull herself up by her bootstraps--or high heels rather--has led her to the life of her dreams. She's Got the Look awarded her a monetary prize, a contract with Wilhelmina Models and and a cover and photospread for Self magazine. She has since appeared in multiple publications in various capacities.

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